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Service Contract Plan


With our service contract plan you will receive the following:

  • Two scheduled HVAC tune up and cleaning ($276 value)

  • Reduced emergency rates

All Hours Priority Club

Starting at $16.95/mo (1 system)

With our Priority Club plan you will receive the following:

  • 2 scheduled HVAC inspections ($276 value)

  • 15% repair discount

  • Discounted diagnostic fee 

  • Priority emergency service and  reduced after hours charges 

  • $500 off a newly installed HVAC System and $150 off a water heater

  • 2-year labor warranty on repairs

Please also note: Filters are sold separately or provided by the customer.


Every spring:

  • Wash the outside coils

  • Clean the inside coil in place

  • Clean the indoor drain pan

  • Clear the condensate drains

  • Test the system operation

  • Inspect the compressor

  • Check the refrigerant pressures

  • Test all safety switches

  • Check the amp draw on units

  • Change the filters (filters sold separately)



Every fall:

  • Clean the burners

  • Clean the flame sensor

  • Inspect the electrical connections

  • Inspect the heat exchanger for cracks

  • Check carbon monoxide levels

  • Clean the furnace cabinet

  • Check all safety features

  • Inspect the flue for proper attachment at the furnace

  • Check for visual signs of corrosion

  • Change the filters (filters sold separately)



For and additional $5 a month water heater maintenance add on 

For an additional $7 a month water heater and sump pump add on 

For $5 a month add on garage door for maintaine with our sister comapny the kc door co 


When you sign up for our membership we guarantee 


  • Five-star service. Our trained professionals have the expertise to take excellent care of your HVAC and ensure the complete safety and comfort of your home.

  • Ease of mind. regularly maintained comfort systems operate longer, more efficiently and more affordably with less repairs needed.

  • Yearly savings. Annual maintenance extends the life of your equipment, cuts down on costly breakdowns and ensures your equipment is running at peak efficiency.

  • Convenience.  will send scheduling reminders to make the process that much easier for you to remember your yearly maintenance.

  • Transferable membership. As long as you stay within our service area, your existing membership is transferable to your new home.




Terms: This membership is non-refundable if the first visit has been performed or if the discounts on repairs have exceeded the membership plan price.  Suggested repairs are not included but will be quoted with plan discount. System must be operational for maintenance to be performed. 

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